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In my job, I fly around my state in a small plane quite a bit, and land at a lot of small airports for fuel around midday. Usually the pilots and I would try to find some place to have lunch while the plane was being fueled. At one particular airport, the nearest place to eat was a combination restaurant and convenience store in the opposite direction from the small city the airport served, and that was usually the place we’d go eat. It wasn’t the best option, merely the closest. Then this happened:

Me: Do you have Swiss cheese?

Worker: What?

Me: Swiss cheese.

Worker: I don’t know what that is.

Me: *stunned* It’s the cheese that’s got holes in it.

Worker: Oh. No, we ain’t got any o’that.

We haven’t been back there since. Not because they didn’t have Swiss cheese, but because they didn’t even know what it was. From then on, we’d head in toward town to find lunch.