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Our manager has a bit of a short temper and a toxic attitude. I am working late one evening when he comes into the kitchen in a furious rage.


Me: *taken aback* What did I do?


I walk, confused and upset up to the couple I have been serving.

Woman: Oh, my. Are you alright, dear? You look like you’re on the verge of tears.

Me: I’m, I-I just want to a-apologise for ruining your evening. I’m so sorry for whatever I’ve-

Woman: Oh, umm. Sorry, but would you mind quickly grabbing [Manager], please?

I walk back to the manager’s office now even more distraught. I can only mutter out a few words before he literally drags me back out. Before he can say anything however the woman stands up, furious, and shouts at him.

Woman: NO. LET GO OF HIM, NOW! THAT IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR STAFF! *after sheepishly being let go* All I asked for was more salt, which at most would be a problem for your chef, not a busboy. You forced him to come out here and apologise for doing absolutely nothing. I asked YOU for salt, and I expect YOU to bring it. And I want to you on your knees, apologising to him. Your grandmother didn’t raise you to be a c**t. She would be turning in her grave if she saw how you turned out.

To my surprise the manager actually gets on his knees. I can only hear him mumble, which infuriates the woman further.

Woman: I didn’t catch that. SAY. IT. AGAIN!

Manager: I-I am sorry.

Woman: *to me* Is that acceptable? *I nod* Good. Now, you are going into the back and having a coffee before going home. And [Manager], you are paying him extra for your shameful behaviour.

Manager: But, [woman’s name], this is my rest-

Woman: That’s Mrs. [Last Name] to you. If you are going act like one of my pupils, I will treat you like one.

She gives him another round of lecturing and we both head back into the kitchen. It is deathly silent. He turns to me.

Manager: *in a whisper* Get out of my restaurant, and don’t even think about showing yourself around here again.

I leave, feeling extremely confused and scared. I spend the next week in a hovel, fearful to do anything until I get a phone call from the restaurant.

Manager: [My Name], I just want to apologise for last week-

Woman: *in the background* With more sympathy you heartless c**t!

Manager: A-and I want to offer you your job back.

I’m completely taken aback by the how far this woman will go, but realise I can’t go back to working with him for fear of him exploding again.

Me: No, I don’t want that job anymore. I think I can do better.

Manager: *snide* Y-your making a big mistak-ow!


Woman: Did I hear that right? You told him to f**k off?

Me: Yes. I did.

Woman: Good. You’ll go far, I’m sure of it. Anyone can do better than him! Even at school he was a pain, and his grandmother, bless her soul, she knew how to raise them right, but he has always been a lost cause. Anyways, stick to it. *hangs up*

She was quite possibly the strangest woman I have ever meet, bit I’m glad that I had the chance. She did more that just protect me that day, she inspired me to work hard and not take so much crap from people.

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