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I work at the biggest theme park in Canada who pride themselves on giving guests “the best day ever!”

I am Jewish and do not have much experience with other cultures and religions.

Two women come up to the cash at my store.

Me: Your total is $16.66. How would you like to pay?

The two women gasp.

Woman #1: *angrily* What did you say?!

Me: *thinking their upset at the expensive amount* I know it’s expensive but I actually own some of these toys and their very good quality.

Woman #2: Get me your manager! How dare you say that wicked number to us!

I look at my atheist coworker next to me who shrugs so I run and get my Team Lead.

Team Lead: *after I explain to her what happened* [My Name] did they have crosses on their necks?

Me: Why? Is this some kinda Christian thing?

Team lead: *laughs* how can you possibly not know 666 is the devils number.

Me: There’s probably a lot of Jewish stuff that I think is common knowledge but you don’t know about.

Team Lead: *pauses* Oh…you’re probably right.

Me: Remember when I asked for Shavuot off. Did I laugh when you and the area supervisor had to google Shavuot to even know it was a holiday?

Team Lead: Alright, alright I get it. You’re “woke” or whatever.

She walks away to deal with the Christian women and I throw my hands in their air in frustration.

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