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Unfiltered | April 30, 2017

So I had been getting a lot of missed calls on my mobile – three or four a day – while I was at work and unable to answer, and all from the same number.
Initially I thought it was some sort of sales call, but the sheer persistence of the calls made me wonder if it might actually be something important – so when a call came at a time I COULD answer, I picked up…

Me: Hello

Heavily-accented female: Hi, could I speak to Mr [my FIRST name], please

Me: I am sorry, but there is no such person as Mr [my FIRST name] here.

Female: Oh – well, who am I speaking to then?

Me: I don’t think that’s relevant, given that the person you are looking for doesn’t exist!

Her: But – but –

Me: Please don’t call again [click]

I have had no more calls from that number since…

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