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A few years ago, I went into a chain video game store. I’m a woman and was in my late 20s at the time. The only employee I can see is a guy behind the counter chatting to someone who I assume is a friend. I shoot him a smile and a nod as I pass without interrupting because I don’t need anything, and head over to the section of games for a system I own.

Cashier: Can I help you find something?

Me: No thank you! I’m good.

Cashier: *turns back to his friend* Ugh. I can’t stand the voice of a female.

I pause, trying to figure out if I just heard what I think I heard, and turn around. He won’t look at me, but I can see the back of his neck and his ears slowly turning bright red. The guy he’s talking to his staring at him with a clear look of shock and confusion. I don’t have any sort of “weird” or even distinctive voice (neither high nor low pitched) that would have prompted a remark on it.

Me: … I’m sorry… what did you say?

He refuses to turn around or even look at me or respond. The other guy is still looking visibly awkward and confused. I finally just turn and walk out of the store. In hindsight, I could have/should have gotten his name and sent in a complaint, or at the very least confronted him more directly, but I was just so baffled by the encounter and how unprovoked it was that I didn’t think to. I have been back to that store multiple times since and have never seen that employee again. Can’t think of a single reason why he wouldn’t have made it!

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