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I am 16 years old. My parents divorced like 10 years ago, but are still on good terms. My father owns a relatively small pizzeria/snack bar. My mother works there too. Every weekend I go with my mother I can do my homework without being all alone(she doesn’t like the thought of me being alone at home). I go sit in a corner, and cover an entire table with my laptop, books and purse. Everyone who works there knows that I sit there and that they should ignore me mostly. It is a relatively busy delivery day, so no one is upstairs at the moment that we arrive, except for the new hire. There are also no costumers in the store. We arrive, but stay behind a bit, because my leg hurts. My mother is already in the kitchen, expecting me to just go do my thing. I end up walking into the store about two minutes later than her.

New hire, in a kind of rude tone: Hello, do you need anything?

Me: No thanks, I’m just gonna sit over there(point at my table).

(I walk over and take out my laptop)

New hire: Excuse me?? You can’t just sit there with all your stuff!! You have to order something!

Me: Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m [my name]. I’m [father’s name]’s daughter.

New hire: No you aren’t! His daughter is a baby and lives in Italy! (this is kind of true, I have a two year old half sister in Italy)

Me, getting that she probably doesn’t know who I am: Oh, you don’t know who I am? That’s alright, I’ll just get mom to verify.

(I stand up to walk to the kitchen and she suddenly grabs my arm and practically drags me away from the door)


(I have not mentioned getting food or anything, so I don’t know where the scam idea comes from)

Me: First of all, let go of me. Second of all, If you’d just let me get my mother We could clear this whole thing up.


(She then proceeds to try and pick up my laptop)

Me: Hey! Leave that alone! I can prove who I am, calm down.

(As I try to take my laptop back the automatic door bell rings, one of the delivery boys has returned)

DB: Whoa, what’s going on here?

New Hire: [DB’s name]! This little brat tried to steal [my father’s name]’s laptop and has stolen money from the register, I just returned from the kitchen and there is money missing!

DB: What? [My name], did your father forget to pay your allowance again?(My father is forgetful sometimes, and we have a deal that I can take what I’m owed without asking as long as I leave a note saying how much I took)

Me: No, I was just about to sit in my corner when she started screeching that I wasn’t allowed to sit there, and then she wouldn’t allow me to get my mother to verify. Also, what is that about missing money?

New hire, to DB: Wait, you know her?

DB: Yes, that’s [Father’s name]’s daughter. Wait, you didn’t know? He explicitly tells every new hire about her so there is no confusion.

New hire, looking sheepish: Well, this girl looks white so I thought she couldn’t possibly be his daughter.

DB: You’ve *met* his wife! She’s white, so why couldn’t their daughter look like her? Also, yeah. What missing money?

(At this point my mom has heard the commotion and has come upstairs)

Mom: What’s going on here? [New hire]! Let go of my daughter right now!

(My mother asks me what happened, and after I tell her everything, while being constantly interrupted by the New hire, she calls my father. When he gets here it turns out that the New hire had been stealing money, and had decided to pin it on some ”stupid brat that put down her stuff like she owned the place”. She got fired on the spot, but we decided to not press charges.)

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