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Unfiltered | April 17, 2017

[I’m shopping at a higher-end grocery store. I’ve had a horrible week, and all I want is to drown my sorrows in junk food, not that I should have to justify my purchases to anyone. I come up to the registers and am waiting while the cashier rings up my purchases.]

Cashier: Donuts! Look at these donuts!

(He turns to his bagger to show off my donuts.)

Cashier: These look so good!

Me: *laughing* Yeah, I saw them last time I was here and just couldn’t help myself this —

Cashier: *cutting me off* Creamy mac & cheese! Ugh. *to his bagger* I’m gonna get fat working here with all of this!

(I silently waited for him to finish, paid, and left with my stuff. I wasn’t really upset because, yeah, it was junk food, but come on, dude! Not really a great thing to say to someone as you’re ringing up their food…)

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