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Unfiltered | April 15, 2017

(My best friend and I work for the same bank, although not always in the same location. We just happen to be working together on this particular day. I have a lifting restriction due to a neck & shoulder injury, and she knows it. This takes place over a few hours’ time.)

Friend: Put that down. I’ll get it.

Me: No, see, this is right at my-

Friend: NO!! *lifts the heavy item for me*

(About an hour later…)

Friend: HEY!

Me: This one is under my limit. I’m fine!

(A couple hours later, the bag in the coin machine needs to be changed. This is well above my weight limit, but no one else is around to do it. I sigh and decide to do it very slowly. Right as I’m sliding the heavy bag into the floor…)

Friend: *from across the room* [My Name]!! You put that down RIGHT NOW! You know that is well over what you’re supposed to be lifting!! *runs over and finishes the task for me* Oh, I just don’t know what to do with you sometimes!! *wags her finger at me*

Me: But-

Friend: You are banned from lifting anything as long as I’m around!!

(We don’t work together anymore, but we are still best friends, and she still doesn’t let me lift anything remotely heavy.)