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Unfiltered | April 11, 2017

(We’re Chinese and when I was born my parents hired a babysitter, also Chinese, who would also take care of household duties. My parents brewed tea traditionally in front of her on the first meeting, including using bottled water. When shown the kichen, my parents pointed to our whole cabinet of teaware and tea jars, even a thermometer and brewing chart.)

Parents: Are you familiar with brewing tea?

Babysitter: Yes, certainly.

Parents: That’s great. Bottled water for tea is on the shelf there. Ask if you have any questions.

Babysitter: Sure.

After a couple days.

Parents: Can you brew some tea? Any kind, surprise us.

Later, the babysitter came with two glasses of tea.

Parents: Huh? How did you prepare that?

Babysitter: I put leaves and water in a pot and boiled it.

(She used tap water and a random cooking pot. I think it’s no problem not being knowledagable in traditional tea culture, but after having tea brewed traditionally in front of her, then pointed to the teaware and the chart and asking if she was familiar with brewing, she should know they meant traditionally. My parents weren’t mad, it was a miscommunication.)

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