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[About 10 years ago, I worked in a small office with 3 coworkers plus our boss. One of the co-workers was a gorgeous black woman. I knew she was transgender, but no one else in the office did. We had been lightly flirting for months, and I finally asked her out on a date. We had a pleasant date and it gave her the courage to come out as transgender to the rest of the office. Everyone took it well except for one scummy co-worker, who had never before shown himself to be anything other than kind and friendly.]

Scumbag: “What? That n***** is also a f**?” [rounds on me] “And you! Why on earth would you flirt with him?”

Me: “SHE is a gorgeous and sweet WOMAN, and I greatly enjoyed her company on our date over the weekend.”

Scumbag: “HE is a no-good n*****.”

[The boss had quietly come into the room, unbeknownst to us, and been listening.]

Boss: “[Scumbag], you are fired. Leave now before I call the police.”

[[Scumbag] punches a wall, kicks a desk and storms out.]

Woman: “Thank you, [Boss.]”

Boss: “You’re the best worker we have, [Woman]. And like [My Name] said, gorgeous and sweet.”

[I dated her for a year, until she had to move out of the country to be with family.]