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Unfiltered | April 7, 2017

Let me preface this by saying everyone else at this chain restaurant was really nice and I love going there.

My boyfriend and I were out on a date at a local restaurant and our service was amazing. We overheard a manager talking with another customer. He was apologizing because they did not have a particular item prepared and offered to comp their entire bill. He also thanked the guy for being so patient and understanding.

Later, we went to pay our check at the register and that same guy was just trying to get change so he could leave a tip. The kid at the register was arguing with him.

He basically called the guy a liar to his face and when the guy asked him to get a manager, he said “As soon as I turn my back, you’ll go for the door.” The entire time, the kid had this slight smirk on his face because in his mind, this customer was trying to pull a fast one and he wasn’t going to let it happen. The customer was visibly agitated, but he was keeping as much of his cool as he could.

At this point, I spoke up and said we heard the promise, but either the kid didn’t hear me or he ignored me.

The waitress came out and fixed the problem, but I cannot imagine how embarrassing and infuriating that was for the man after being promised a free meal. The kid didn’t even apologize when he found out he was wrong. His smug attitude almost ruined the night for me and I wasn’t even dealing with him.

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