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Unfiltered | April 5, 2017

I am a middle-aged somewhat plump woman. I wear size 12 (US). I am not too chuffed about my size, so I try to wear clothing that masks my curves rather than emphasizes them. I have passed a clothing boutique in my town several times and noticed that they sell a brand of jeans that looks well on women like me (older, not so skinny, with a bit of a tummy needing a tuck, but not wanting “mom-jeans”). I come in and decide to try on and buy a pair or two.

Me: I see you have {the brand-name} jeans. I’d like to try them on.

Clerk: Our larger sizes are right there, at the back of the store. Please feel free to browse.

(I go and look, but find only sizes up to 8 and then 16 and above).

Me: I need size 12, but you don’t seem to have them right now. Do you think you’ll be ordering some in the future?

Clerk: We do have size 16.

Me: I see that, but I need 12.

Clerk: You definitely look like a 16 to me. Try on 16.

Me: I wear a 12.

Clerk: Try the 16. It will look so much better on you. Women your size don’t look good in form-fitting jeans.

Me: Thanks, but I’ll pass. I feel most comfortable in 12.

I left and haven’t been back. Trying to convince a customer she is larger than she knows she is doesn’t seem like a good sell strategy. By the way, I bought the jeans online, in size 10, as is recommended by the brand’s sizing guide according to my measurements.

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