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Unfiltered | March 27, 2017

I’m at an in-store cafe at a supermarket getting a cold drink.

Cashier: Milk?

Me: Milk?

Cashier: Yes. Do you want milk?

Me: Not particularly.

Cashier: Are you sure?

Me: Why ask you are me?

Cashier: *huffs* All I want to know is if you want milk!

Me: *sacastically* Yes. I definitely want milk…

The cashier then takes a jug from her side and pours milk into my drink. She picks it up and proffers it.

Cashier: Wait. This is cold?

Me: It’s coke.

Cashier: *staring into the cup* OH MY GOD! I thought it was coffee! Why didn’t you tell me?

Me: To be honest I was couldn’t understand why you were asking me.

Cashier: … it’s been a long day.

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