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Unfiltered | March 19, 2017

I’m the customer in this story. At this point I’m a teenager and a friend and I are browsing at a fairly high-end store.

I see a pair of pants that I like and go try them on. They fit and I’m interested in buying them. Because they’re on sale, however, there’s no price tag, so I go to the counter and the following exchange takes place:

Me: Hi, how much are these pants?

Cashier: *mumbles something incoherent*

Me: Sorry, how much?

Cashier: I. Said. Three. Hundred.

Me: *pays the 300 and waits for her to bag the pants*

Cashier: *throws the bag face-down on the counter*

I think that she assumed we weren’t serious customers because we were young. You’d think her mood would’ve picked up when we actually purchased from the store.