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Unfiltered | February 22, 2017

After receiving a package that had been ripped open and was missing its contents, I called into customer service for the online retailer that I had ordered it through.

Me: Hello. I received a package today that was ripped open and missing the item that I had ordered.

Representative: First, I will need to verify your security information. I will need your billing address and order number

Me: *gives billing address and order number*

Representative: Now that I have verified your security information. I am sorry for your inconvenience. Will a $5.00 promo credit be enough to make up for this?


Me: No, the item I ordered and did not receive costed $9.95. A $5 credit will not be enough.

Representative: Will a $6 credit be enough?

Me: No, it won’t, as it is still under the cost of the item that I ordered and did not receive. This item cost me $9.95. I want a refund of $9.95.

Representative: Is it okay if I place you on hold while I go verify that this amount is acceptable.

Me: Yes, that is okay.

*on hold for about a minute*

Representative: Okay, I have verified that I am allowed to authorize this amount and am crediting it to your account right now.

Me: Where can I view this credit to verify that I have received it?

Representative: You can go to checkout in order to verify it.

Me: Is there a way to verify it before checkout? like on the My Account page somewhere?

Representative: You can go to checkout in order to view the credit

Me: *gives up and just adds a random item to cart and proceeds to checkout page to view credit*

Me: I’m on checkout right now and there is no credit.

Representative: It must be an item that is sold by [online retailer] to qualify for the credit. The item that you have does not qualify.

Me: Is there a different way I can view this credit on my account without adding random items to cart? like on my account somewhere?

Representative: You can go to checkout in order to view the credit

Me: Yes, I know I can view it on checkout. That’s not what I asked you. Nevermind, I’ll find out myself and call back if it’s not there.

*hangs up*

I then google how to view these credits, which lo and behold, are actually viewable on your account without checking out. It is at this point that I realize that the credits the rep has given me only are available for mp3s, videos, and ebooks and only the ones that are sold specifically by them (no third party vendors), none of which I tend to buy, and I have to call customer service once again for an actual refund.

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