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Unfiltered | February 19, 2017

(I work at a bakery and cafe, and we have certain items that are only available at breakfast time. I’m running the food, and the cashier is a newer girl who already has and reputation for being spacey and not very bright. Half an hour after we switch to lunch, she rings in a breakfast-only item.)

Me: (name), don’t forget, we aren’t doing breakfast anymore… who ordered this so I can tell them it will be a bit of a wait if they still want it?

Coworker: oh, did I ring one of those in?

Me: yes… you just sent it through a minute ago. Who is it so I can talk to them?

Coworker: I think it’s that lady filling up her drink (points at guest)

(I go to the custoner in question, who had not ordered the item. I go back to my cashier, who sends me to FOUR different tables, all wrong. The kitchen staff was able to make the item in the time it took me trying to hunt them down!)

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