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Unfiltered | February 6, 2017

(I’m a 15 year old guy coming back from a hunting trip with my dad. We decide to stop and eat as the last time we ate was noon and it is now 8:30pm. The sub shop we stopped at has only two people working there when we arrived)

Dad: Hello, how are you?

Employee #1: *in a rude tone* Tired, I can’t wait to go home. *he says this while packing up his station*

Dad: Oh what time do you guys close? We can go somewhere else if you are closing now.

Employee #1: We close at 11:30. *walks off*

Dad: *Looks at me confused* What time is it?

Me: It’s only 8:30…

*We obviously don’t want to deal with this rude employee, but when we get back into our truck my dad says this*

Dad: This is why our country is failing; I wouldn’t even hire him to take out my garbage with that attitude.

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