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I work in digital marketing, which involves lots of data and “geeky” computer stuff. I am the youngest in the office by a long shot, but I am the most familiar with the latest industry trends. One of my coworkers has taught me some basic coding to help ease up on the web team’s workload. Another co-worker walks by and sees me adding some tags to a website’s code.

Coworker: You shouldn’t try to add code to the site. You aren’t a web developer so you don’t know how to do it properly. You’ve just added to my workload now because I have to fix the code now.

Me: Actually I did some research and [program we had been using to verify tracking codes] is out of date from the most recent updates to [program]. The code is fine, I followed the directions from the [vendor site] and [coworker] showed me how to do it before.

Coworker: No, you’re wrong. See the program is telling you that you’ve done all of these things incorrectly. (He starts diving into a bunch of tech-y stuff that was correct and relevant before all of the recent program updates, pointing out all of the pieces of code that are “wrong”). Just send it all to me and I’ll do it.

(Coworker comes back to me 5 minutes later)

Coworker: Did you know that the program was out of date? We have to add all of the tags completely differently now! Did you know about this?

Me: Yes… I was trying to explain earlier…

Coworker: Well why didn’t you tell me?

Some days at work it’s like talking to a brick wall.

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