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Unfiltered | January 31, 2017

(Please note that the supermarket in question has recently removed carrier bags from the self-checkout area, only providing them if an employee is asked.

I come in with a shoulder bag and get my shopping, and go to the self-checkout as is routine. When I put the bag in the bagging area, it requires attendant verification (which is a common thing for this bag, as it’s actually strong) and as an attendant comes over, I explain to her that it just doesn’t like my bag and that this is a usual thing.)

Attendant: (condescendingly) We-ell, there’s seventeen checkouts just over there that don’t do that.

(I’m just staring at her at this point – I’m autistic and an introvert, I go to the self-checkouts so I don’t have to interact with people more than necessary, and such an insensitive comment honestly hurt. The attendant sighs, validates the bag and walks away, and it takes me a few seconds to actually start scanning my shopping out of shock.

In addition, she was the one giving out carrier bags. Not all of my shopping fit in my bag, and I was too scared to go over and ask her for one, so I had to precariously balance the rest of it in my arms for a mile in the rain. Not fun.)

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