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(My sister and I are identical twins both working in our family’s restaurant. I’m a hostess and she’s a waitress. The following scene happens a lot.)

Customer: “Hello, table for four please.”

Me: “Right this way.”

(I take them to their table, which is still in view of my hostess desk.)

Me: “(sister’s name) will be your server this evening, enjoy your meal.”

(I go back to my desk, not a minute later I hear this:)

Sister: “Hello, my name is (sister’s name) and I will be your server this evening.”

(I look up to see the customers staring at her, confused.)

Customer: “Weren’t you-”

(The customers look back at me before realizing. They start to laugh. My sister and I would be lying if we said that we don’t enjoy the confused faces of our customers.)

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