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Unfiltered | January 11, 2017

I work at a big retail store and am a merchandiser helping out on registers. And its past my shift.

Customer: hey im a blank member ring me up?

Me: im sorry sir i really cant. (Mind you my lights off and at my store if your cashier as soon as it hits your scheduled time to be off itll lock and give you the money to bag up if no customers being helped at the moment.)

Customer: come on dude i got three things.

Me: sir i really cant even if i wanted to.

Customer: god your lazy little Mexican c***.

(Another Customer enters my line)

Customer 2: come on i got a cart full id like to go through quick just ring him up.

Customer 1: yeah come on c*** ring my items so i can go home

Me: sir and madam i really cant ring anyone up im a merchandiser and my system wont let me in till my next shift.

Customer 2: im reporting you to your boss theres lines here to the back

(There was 12 lanes open with small lines)

Me: im so sorry but i cant use my system its locks up if its past my shift

Customer 1: i swear to god if you dont

(By this time the owner comes up to me seeing whats causing the ruckus.)

Owner: whats the issue?

Customer 1 and 2 in unison: this little bitch wont ring us up fire her.

Me: i

(Owner steps in)

Owner: dont worry about it blank. And for you two shes off let me explain its 945 she was off at 930 the system after done with last customer will lock up and hand her the till.

Customer 2: but she….

Owner: her lights been off shes advised to have others go in the next line. Plus shes not cashier shes merchandiser she works in clothes you know the clothes in your cart she put those up.

Customer 1: but the bitch can…

Owner: no you dont call her that she helped the cashiers till she was off systems locked she bags the money goes home and cant unlock it till her next shift. Its not her fault she did nothing wrong if you wanna yell at my employees you can walk out that door cause you guys are being kicked out. Any aggression towards my cashiers merchandisers etc will lead to a permanent ban you have 1 minute to leave. As for you (pointing to me) thanks for the help you cam go home and have a great night okay.

Customer 1 and 2: this is bullshit well never shop here again.

Owner: okay cool dont have to worry cause your banned so dont try to come back.