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Unfiltered | December 29, 2016

This happened to me when I was 21 and home from college on winter break.

My family and I sometimes go to a store that sells Entenmann’s desserts and Thomas’ English muffins. While waiting for my mother to pay for what we picked out, the man at the register notices me.

Cashier: Is the child in the green coat yours?

Mom: yes.

Cashier: She looks just like my son.

He then proceeds to show us a picture of his son. This is where things get creepy because not only does the son who is 14 look EXACTLY like me with shoulder length curly brown hair and glasses, he also happens to have died a year ago. (No, I don’t know from what.) Even a co-worker is agreeing that I look like the deceased son.

I refused to go back any time soon to that store, although my parents don’t usually see the guy there and when they did once see him, he didn’t seem to recall them. I have gone once before and thankfully he wasn’t there.

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