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Unfiltered | December 24, 2016

I work in a veterinary hospital as a medical receptionist. Like most veterinary practices, we sell prescription dog and cat foods for specific medical issues. A rep for one of the companies we order from calls the office one morning…

Me: “Thank you for calling [town] Animal Hospital, this is [my name], how can I help you?”

Rep: “Hi this is [Rep name] from [Pet Food Company].”

Me: “Hi, how are you?”

Rep: “Good.”

Me: “…is there something I can do for you today?” *wondering why he didn’t say why he was calling, the reps are usually quick to do that*

Rep: “Someone asked me to call.”

Me: “Who was it?”

Rep: “It was [other receptionist’s name].”

Me: “Ah, she’s away this week. I’m not sure why she asked you to call, do you know?”

Rep: “No.” *long silence*

Me: “Um, well I’m very sorry, but I don’t know what she needed you to call about.”

Rep: “I guess I’ll get better informed and call back. Goodbye.”

(he never did call back…)

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