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Unfiltered | December 21, 2016

(At my store, we have scanning guns that we use to check in orders, do inventory, check prices, etc. This happens while I’m buying something for my break. Coworker #1 has just relieved coworker #2 at the register, and coworker #3 is checking something at the next register.)

Coworker #3: :(Coworker #1!) Have you got a gun?” (meaning a scanning gun)

(Me and coworkers #1 and #2 look at coworker #3)

Coworker #3: “A handgun?”

(Coworkers #1, #2, and me look at each other, and back to coworker #3, and try not to smile.)

(Coworker #3 realizes what she said, and what it sounded like, and we all die laughing.)

Me: “I think I have to post this on Not Always Working.”

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