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Unfiltered | December 20, 2016

(We have a late electric bill, and I understand it’s our fault, but we have been so tight on money it was either food or bills. Some weeks are better then others. We get a call from the electric company asking to pay the bill in full, which is about $117.00. Also it’s important to note that we have a 22 month old toddler who is in diapers.)

Worker: Hello, this is (name) from (company), is this (husbands name)?

Me: Oh, no but he’s here, he doesn’t like phones, I’m his wife.

Worker: Alright that’s fine, well I need you to pay your bill.

Me: I understand, I can pay at least half of it Friday, or even $75.

Worker: Um, no. You are paying full amount. I don’t care.

Me:…I have a toddler I need to buy diapers and get food for.

Worker: I really don’t care, you should have paid your bill. If you can’t afford a child then maybe you shouldn’t have one.

Me: Woah! Now wait just a minute! Me having a child-

Worker: Pay your bill or I’m personally having you shut off. (click)


(Thankfully, my mother was able to get us some diapers, and we’re having to ask for some money from my papa for food. I did call back today, but they refuse to even let me set up a payment plan because I’m not my husband. Seems weird that suddenly they had a problem with me not being my husband after this happened.)

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