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Unfiltered | December 12, 2016

(It is about a week before Halloween when we are busiest. My coworker was the Assistant Manager the previous year; I don’t know what happened exactly, but I was told by my managers that she and the GM couldn’t handle it, and quit after about 3 weeks. There were hired again as cashiers.I didn’t like my coworker because she treated everyone younger than her as an idiot (not good when 90% of employees were in their early 20s). She didn’t like me either and always talked about me behind my back, I didn’t pay attention because I was in between jobs and waiting to start my engineering job. The managers put us on different schedules to prevent conflict. This was about 30 min before I was supposed to clock in.*

Assistant Manager: “Hey [My Name], is coming in about half an hour, can you let me know when she does?

Coworker: “No.”

Assistant Manager: “Excuse me?”

Coworker: “No. I don’t like her.”

Assistant Manager: “Well I don’t care about that; just tell me when she gets here.”

Coworker: “No! She’s a spoiled brat and acts like a know it all and doesn’t respect her elders. I try to help her and she just rudely cuts me off and says she’s so smart that she can figure it out herself. If she’s so smart then why is she working as a cashier? I’m not helping that rude wh***!”

(My managers and I have a great relationship. I always come when they’re short-handed, show up on time, and am a great worker. They also know my story and know I’ll be starting a new job soon.)

Assistant Manager: Okay, fine. It’s okay if you don’t tell me when she gets here, I’ll just keep you on register. In fact, I’ll call her and tell her she can have the day off. I know she’ll appreciate having more time to move into her new place after her stepdad kicked her out, and I know she’ll love a break after working 28 hours these past 3 days because you called out “sick” twice and when we had a no show. I know for a fact you were out with your boyfriend because we’re friends on SnapChat remember? Also I would refrain telling people you can’t celebrate Halloween because your boyfriend is a registered sex offender, doesn’t do well for business. And once this job is over, you can go back to your full time cashier job at *grocery store* while *my name* starts her new engineering job with *well known local company* and never have to see her again.

*I only wish I could’ve seen my coworkers face when this happened. I did show up about half an hour later and my coworker told my manager I was here and sulked out. The job and customers weren’t the best, but I was glad to have such amazing managers!*

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