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Unfiltered | December 4, 2016

I’m sitting home on my computer attempting to finish an application and pay for a higher credential for work, my server is slow and the site times out mid payment. I end up calling the number listed for support as now my application is pending due to card error, and I would like this fixed. I wait about 20 minutes after navigating through the poor phone directory.

Man: *bored voice* thanks for calling (business) , what is the first and last name of your account?

Me: Oh! uh.. its (My name)

Man: *bored voice continues* ok, what did you need help with today?

Me: *explains situation that the network is slow and the site timed out on me mid payment and I wanted to make sure everything went through*

Man: * not listening, still bored out of his mind* Ok, well I can reset it for you to try again, but you cant just leave the window open for long because it will time out on you, so if youre ready for payment now you can go ahead as soon as I reset you.

At this point I’m annoyed that the site wasn’t working, and that I was on hold so long, and NOW hes acting like I purposefully waited on the payment screen. I try to calm myself down from snapping at this guy.

Me: ok well thank you for your help, I also had one additional question * asks about the written exam after payment for the credential*

Man: * vaguely explains what happens and is actually not helpful about the process*

Me: * sweetly through gritted teeth, and just wanting to be done with this guy* ok thanks for all the help, i appreciate it!

Come to find out by logging in, he not only reset my payment screen, but ACTUALLY reset my entire application that I had to resubmit to finally get back to the payment screen and finish this process, which took me 45 minutes when i did this before.

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