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Unfiltered | November 29, 2016

(We’re visiting my grandparents for a wedding and while we could stay at their house or make the drive to and from in a day, we stay in a hotel to make room for relatives from Southern California and out of state. We are just getting back to the room late at night around 11 pm and haven’t been there since 8 am. there is a message on the answering machine.)

Message: “Hello, this is (name) at the front desk. We’ve received reports that there is excessive noise coming from your room and we have to ask you to keep it down so as to respect the peace of all our guests. If we receive further reports, the police will be called and you will be asked to leave. Thank you!

(My dad called the front office for an explanation but they didn’t offer details citing privacy issues other than several rooms around us complained around 2 pm. We’re still not sure what happened as we hadn’t been there in hours before or after but it’s funny multiple rooms thought we were making noise when we weren’t even there. We packed up and went to our grandparents and haven’t stayed there since.)

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