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Unfiltered | November 19, 2016

I’d been for a run before work, and after a few hours at the office I noticed my upper back and shoulders were feeling really tight and painful. I knew there was a walk-in place around the corner offering back massages – the sort of place where you stay fully clothed and just sit on a special chair while they massage you, and you can choose a 10-minute, 20-minute or half-hour back and shoulder massage for different prices.

I arrive and see two people already getting massages from the two staff members in the shop, so I sit down to wait.

Masseuse: It’s a 20-minute wait.

Me: That’s OK…

Masseuse: Twenty minutes. It’s a 20-minute wait for a massage.

Me: *feeling like she’s trying to tell me not to sit and wait there* OK…well, can I go away and come back in 20 minutes?

Masseuse: Yes, yes.

*I go off and get a sandwich, and return about 15 minutes later*

Masseuse: It’s a 35-minute wait.

Me: What? Another 35 minutes? But I was here just now, and you said it was a 20-minute wait. You also said it was OK for me to go away and come back in 20 minutes’ time.

Masseuse: *shrugs* We don’t take bookings. It’s a 35-minute wait.

By this time, I was halfway through my lunch hour and didn’t have time to wait another 35 minutes. I understand that they don’t take bookings and it’s a walk-in thing, but they need to tell people to sit and wait, not say it’s OK to go away and come back later!

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