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Unfiltered | October 13, 2016

(The story takes place in Canada. I am a tourist from Denmark and as such stick out like a sore thumb, however because I am ginger, is wearing a six-pence and speak fairly-good-but-not-perfect British-English I could easily be mistaken for Irish. I am out shopping with my long-distance girlfriend. After saying the amount I had to pay, I thought I heard the cashier mumble something.)

Me: Pardon?

Cashier: Er… That will be *amount*

Me: Ah, okay, fair ‘nough thought you said something else.

Cashier (blurts out): My God, you ARE Irish!

Me: Ahaha. Nah, I am not Irish *pulls out my passport* because I am Danish.

(Cashier looks incredibly nervous, having done customer service myself I understand why; as the NotAlwaysRight sister site can attest, customers blow up over less.)

Me: But I am happy to be mistaken for Irish, I admire the country a lot.

(This seems to ease the cashier who explains they regularly have foreign workers from Ireland come in, we have a brief small talk before my girlfriend and I have to leave.)

Girlfriend: Well, you handled that well.

Me: Oh come on, I DO look Irish so it was an honest mistake, besides that was the best compliment I got all day.