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Unfiltered | September 29, 2016

Im a senior network admin for a large company. I am also female.

Caller – “hi, im looking for (male first name similar to mine)”

Me – “you mean (my name), yes, thats me. How can i help you?”

Caller – “i was told to ask for (male name similar to mine) as this is a network issue”

Me – “right, (my name), spelled (spells out) right? Thats me. How can i help?”

Caller – “i was told i needed to talk to someone in the network department. You know, in IT…”

Me – “YES… (My name) is ME. Im the senior network admin and you are looking for ME. How can i help?”

Caller – “Is (male name) your boss?”

Me – *facepalm*

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