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Unfiltered | September 26, 2016


Me: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with a slightly challenging problem.

TechSupport (TS): We love those! What is it?

Me: Can we call out from the video conference system so that a phone-only user doesn’t have to call in?

TS: That’s actually simple, make a three way call between you, the caller, and the conference system…

Me: And then drop out of the call and they’ll be left in the conference! I love you! (I swear I meant to say “I love it!” as in the solution.) …I mean in a professional

way, that is. Thank you.

TS: No problem, I understand, you have a good day.

(Bonus Story: I also told someone that they definitely had Acrobat installed and just needed to change the default program for their pdfs. They called in the next day, I connected to their computer and sure enough Acrobat wasn’t installed.)