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The following is an actual conversation between myself (M) And a Telescammer (T)

T: This is -idiot- with -made up company- calling about your current auto loan.

M: Oh yeah? For which car?

T: Well, I need you to verify that information.

M: You say that like I only have one car. Give me some details first. What color is it.

T: …Red?

M: I don’t have a red car.

T: Oh! Sorry. I have the wrong person’s file. Black?

M: Okay. So the black one. Is it an older car?

T: Yes. The information we have says its an older car… now about the loan…

M: Hold on, I wanna make sure you have the right car. Black… Older. Is it my 67 Chevy Impala?

T: Yes ma’am that’s the one.

M: What plate do you have for it?

T: Excuse me?

M: The pates. I got it updated. You need that information right?

T: Right….?

M: Okay. It’s a Kansas plate. C-N-K 8ZeroQ3.

T: Okay…. got that down. Now it seems you got a loan out after you needed some body work done.

M: Oh yeah, after that demon ripped it to steads.

T: -long pause- What?

M: You’re an idjit. -hangs up-

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