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Unfiltered | September 12, 2016

It’s 10pm at night and my boyfriend and I wanted ice cream at a well know place that uses frozen slabs to mix their ice cream.

Employee: hi what can I get for you?

Me: HI can I get a large ice cream float with peanut butter chocolate please.

Employee: sure which ice cream?

Me : peanut butter chocolate?

Employee: which ice cream?

Me: Peanut butter chocolate.

*He asks me which ice cream 2 more times before he realized he meant to ask which soda*
Employee: I’m so sorry I meant which soda!!

Me: Oh! Coke is fine!

Employee: I’m so sorry!

Me: it’s okay don’t worry it happens!

He kept apologizing for the rest of the transaction and said he was sleep deprived! I hope he gets the sleep he needed! !

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