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Unfiltered | September 7, 2016

There’s one fast food restaurant in my city that never seems to get an order right, we avoid it as a rule but one day the other store is shut for renovations forcing us to use the bad store.

Me: Hi could I get a nugget childrens meal, swapping the fries for fruit and a milk.

Drive through: So that’s a burger meal with..

Me: No, a nugget children meal, swap the fries for fruit with a milk drink.

Drive through: Was there anything else?

Me: (seeing the wrong drink on the display) that was a milk drink, and please can you give us fruit and not fries.

Drive through: (The screen changes several times) Ok was there anything else?

Me: Just a sprite please.

Drive through: Was there anything else?

Me: No that’s it.

(I pay collect my food, it wasn’t until I was home that I see that they have included fries and given me a coke.)

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