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I have a very difficult employee that just doesn’t want to be managed, but his performance is terrible…

Me: (looking at his screen) what are you doing?

Worker: Well I finished that report so….

Me: So you sat there doing nothing for half an hour?! (Sighing) Why don’t you check the line? Or review the (department)? Or finish any of the tasks I set you in the task list?

Worker: Well they weren’t priority so I didn’t do them.

Me: Just, just go down to the line an audit it please.

(This happened every day for a week, I try a new tactic.)

Me: So all your tasks are on the board in order that they need to be done, get on with them one by one, marking what you’ve done. If I ask you to do something different, do it. then come back to the board. Understood?

Worker: Yeah I understand.

(I end up in meetings for most of the day, I come back and see the board completely full still. I finally find the worker in the lunch room, I get him back to the office.)

Me: What have you been doing today?

Worker: Well I did that form you asked me to.

Me: That was 20 minutes work tops! what about the board?

Worker: Oh I forgot.

(I look at the 5 foot white board that is right behind his desk, shake my head then go back to my desk to schedule him in with HR, he didn’t last much longer after that!)

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