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One of my team just isn’t up to expectations, I have tried everything from daily performance meetings, to scheduling his calendar hour by hour, I even had to get a much more junior member of staff re train him on everything he was supposed to be experienced in. I reach the end of my rope with constantly getting into arguments with my boss about his tasks where not up to standard.

Boss: This report is terrible, how could you release this?

Me: We have been over this, (bad employee) submits this, I have tried everything I can with him.

Boss: Well deal with it.

Me: I’ve tried, you’ve tried, its time to look at his position in the company or at least in the department.

Boss: Well, I don’t know about that.

Me: I cannot be responsible for him anymore, even simple tasks seem to be too much. Last week I trained him personally on how to how to sign off (report) I made him a picture by picture guide and reminded him on how to do it before he started. He still got it massively wrong.

Boss: Well, ok i’ll manage him personally.

(A month later, he is still making major mistakes I get called into my boss’s office.)

Boss: This report is all wrong! (throws the paperwork at me.)

Me: (very slowly) (Bad employee) does this. You where managing him. I have given up with him. I have already explained what is needed.

Boss: Oh I don’t have time to look after your staff , just double check his work.

Me: Double check everything he does? Why I don’t just do it for him?

Boss: Whatever, just get it done.

(I quite a month later. The boss was ‘convinced’ to leave the bad employee was fired)

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