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Note: I used to manage a large team, the worst one was a guy who was just terrible at his job, made all the worse as he couldn’t follow basic instructions or complete simple tasks. I did all I could to manage him (even up to the point of learning his job then writing very specific step by step instructions) but he still made mistake after mistake.
Unfortunately because he was a friend of the boss, I couldn’t demote or even discipline him. 6 months on I’ve moved jobs and am just about to start a senior position. A message pops up on social media.

Ex-worker: Hi, I heard you have a new job.

Me: (slightly annoyed) I’m fine thank you. Yes I am starting a new position in a few weeks.

Ex-worker: So are they hiring?

Me: The company I haven’t started at yet? I don’t know.

Ex-worker: Ok well I need a new job, things are crap here since (boss) left.

Me: I heard he left.

Ex-worker: I’m getting grief every day, always complaining at me. Always making me do stuff.

Ex-worker: So when do you think you will know about the job?

Me: I don’t know, maybe in a month.

Ex-worker: Ok thanks bye.

(A month or two passes, he drops the odd message, surprisingly there is a vacancy that he could do, an entry level position that focusses on basic tasks. I don’t want to bring him in, but I feel that everyone deserves another chance.)

Me: Hey (worker), a job has come up that I think would be perfect for you. I’ve included the job spec. let me know what you think.

Ex-worker: thanks but that’s not enough money. I need (amount).

Me: That’s more than most managers earn, are you sure?

Ex-worker: Yeah , I want more money or why leave my job?

(Needless to say he didn’t come for an interview, a few months later he was fired from his position for negligence and is still looking for a job that pays him a ridiculous amount of money.)