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I work from home, so we have a team chat where all the agents under one supervisor chat. Team Meetings allow us to get off the floor for half an hour. This occurred just after a conversation about politics that the team clown (Agent 1) had gone a bit overboard on.

Moments in my Team Chat

(12:48:54 PM) ***Agent 1 waits for the “smack hammer” from Supervisor for that trash talking comment.

(12:49:08 PM) Me: I think Supervisor was looking the other way

(12:49:10 PM) Agent 1: lol

(12:49:25 PM) Agent 1: i can see him saying “ill let that one slide”

(12:49:28 PM) Me: oh, hey, Supervisor, is now a bad time to ask about team meetings?

(12:49:33 PM) Agent 1: ^

(12:49:36 PM) Agent 2: ^^

(12:49:42 PM) Agent 1: ^^^

(12:49:51 PM) Me: ^^^^

(12:49:55 PM) Agent 1: ^^^^^

(12:50:04 PM) *Supervisor: ^^^^^^

(12:50:05 PM) Agent 1: ^^^^^^

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