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I was working an evening floor associate shift at a chain arts and crafts store. A mother and daughter duo are wandering about the baking section, looking at cake pans and giggling. Eventually, they come up to till with a cake pan shipped like a music note. (an eighth note)

Mother: So, this is going to be a strange question, but do you think we could cut this cake pan…?

Me: Um, I’m not sure. I guess it depends on how much of the cake pan you are wanting to cut off and if you were going to use it to actually bale a cake in after…

Daughter: Well…I’m having a bachelorette party, and I was kind of wanting to make this cake pan look like…umm.

Mother: We want to make it look like a dick. I know this must be quite unusual, but we have no idea where to get one, so we’re hoping to make this one work.

(We all have a laugh at how silly the request must sound and, while I could not help with the cake pan, something else I heard for wedding-type fun springs to mind. I figured they would find interesting for the sake of crazy wedding ideas.)

Me: So, pardon me if I’m stepping over a line, but I heard of a fun activity for the wedding night itself that we have some product you could use for it potentially.

Daughter and Mother: Ooh, do tell!

Me: Well, something you could do is paint yourself up with body paint and…have fun with your new hubby on a sheet so that you have a painting of sorts as a souvenir of your wedding. I’d recommend the tube paints as opposed to the dry pucks, and while the paints aren’t for…ahem, internal use…

(The mother and daughter start cackling at my phrase “not for internal use” and they thank me for the recommendation of the product and idea. No one else was in the vicinity or I would not have been so bold, but as it was, it was three women having a laugh for zany bachelorette/wedding activities. As for the cake pan, they bought it, and it was a few months later I learned that adult shops sell dick shaped cake pans without it needing to be modified.)

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