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Unfiltered | May 20, 2016

(I am shopping at a well known NZ discount department store, which sells everything from clothing to furniture to garden supplies. This store encourages shoppers to use re-usable shopping bags, by charging 5 cents each for plastic shopping bags. I usually take my re-usable bag but this time I had forgotten it.)

Cashier: Hi, would you like to buy a bag today?

Me: Yes please.

(I’m buying a few things so, as she scans my purchases, we have a friendly chat for a minute or two about the boots I am purchasing.)

Cashier: Are you sure you don’t want a bag? You’re getting a lot of things.

Me: Actually, yes, I would like a bag please.

(We chat a little more about the weather and how our respective days are going.)

Cashier: That will be $XX please. And since you don’t want a bag, I’ll just clip your boots together so you don’t drop them.

(So I go merrily on my way, bagless – and I didn’t drop the boots, or any of my other purchases!)

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