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Unfiltered | May 15, 2016

I live in a tourist town and the high street is always really busy. There’s an election in just over a weeks time so in addition to the charity fundraisers and buskers that are always on the street, political parties are campaigning.

I am on my lunch break and walk to the local artisan coffee house at the other end of the high street. I always try to be polite.

Politcal Campaigner #1: Hi there, can we count on your vote?

Me: Sorry, I’m not going to vote for your party.

A second later I’m greeted by another political campaigner for the party I support.

Political Campaigner #2: Hi there, can we count on your votes a week on Thursday?

Me: Absolutely! Both my votes will be for you.

After I get my coffee, I have a cigarette before going back to work.

Charity Fundraiser: *judgementally* Hey Mr Smoker!

Me: *shocked at her rudeness, blanks her and continues last only to turn and see her give me the finger*

Some people