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France | Unfiltered | April 11, 2016

(I’m on an train, when the control officer shows up. It’s worth mentioning that it’s an international train, and the tickets – aswell as the fraud penalties and onboard-buying fees – are quite expensive. Since it’s a long ride and there are several stops, he asks when the passengers got on the train, to know who has already had their tickets checked. But this one was quite the prankster…)

Officer : hello, when did you get on ?

Quite young passenger : at *****.

Officer : ok, then ticket please !

*The shy-looking passenger hands his ticket to the officer, whose smile instantly turns into a scowl.*

Officer : this ticket is for tomorrow. You weren’t supposed to travel today, you don’t actually have any right to be on this train.

You have the choice between paying a 105€ ticket plus a 20€ emission fee, or get down at the next stop with a 75€ fraud penalty, what will you do ?

*The young man goes wide-eyed and his complexion turns to cray.*

Young man : I-I’m so sorry sir, my…my girlfriend bought these tickets for me, and she, well I guess…I mean I suppose she just made a mistake ! But I didn’t mean to travel for free ! I’m really…

*At which point the officer interrupts him and pats him on the shoulder.*

Officer : Just kidding, son, you’re good. Have a nice trip !

*Having seen the charachter, I decide to have some fun.*

Officer : hello, when did you get on ?

Me : Erm, about an hour ago, I guess ? I mean, I’m kinda bored, so it may be a little less…

Officer : I mean, where ?

Me : oooh ! I just used the door over there like everybody else !

Officer : *with a smile* ok, ticket please !

*I hand him my ticket.*

Officer : *after briefly looking at it* This is the ticket for going from *City A* to *City B*, I need the other way. *he hands me back the ticket*.

Me : *intently looking away from the ticket, and smiling* No it isn’t, it’s the right ticket.

Officer : No it’s not !

Me : *still not looking* Yes it is !

Officer : whatever you say, but I still need to see a proper ticket…

Me : *starting to doubt, I briefly glance at the ticket*

Officer : If you’re so sure of yourself, why are you checking ?!

(Well, he still got me after all.)

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