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This story begins in November of last year (2015). I had started a new job as a bartender and had no prior experience, so I had spent time training with the company before I began. The first shift I worked, I was in charge of back bar (cleaning and stocking glasses, changing barrels and filling the fridges with bottles). Because I am on back bar, my manager had told me to not serve any customers, as it wasn’t my job. About half way through my shift, I cover a friend as they needed a break and was treated to this:
Manager: What are you doing?! Don’t bother with the customers and do the job I pay you to do!
I figured it was my fault, apologised, and went back and went back to my job. Fast forward a few months and I was working back bar again making sure not to serve any customers, not by ignoring them, just assuring them that someone else would be along soon. My manager notices this and pulls me to the side.

Manager: What the f*** are you doing!? The customers always come first! Serve the f****** customers and deal with your other jobs later!

Me: but you told me to stay on back bar!

Manager: I never said that! Just do your job!

After a few months I was done with that job, when I found out that I was being under-paid every month. I have now got a better job and am much happier!

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