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(I’ve been getting scam phone calls from random numbers with an automated voice saying it can help me lower my credit card debt if I just press 2. I don’t have any credit cards, and I’m hung up on nearly every time I ask to be removed from the call list. My husband is in the Army, so we’ve also tried saying the phone line is a military line (which is true) to get them to stop calling. Usually I just hang up, but I decided to try my luck with one call.)

Scammer: “Hello, how are you doing today?”

Me: “I’m fine, and yourself?”

Scammer: “I’m doing very well, thank you! And are you calling today to take advantage of our lower interest rates?”

Me: “Actually, no. I would like my number removed from your call list. This is a military phone line and isn’t for solicitation.”

Scammer: “Why do you want to be removed?”

Me: “Because I have no credit cards. Please remove my phone number from your call list. I’m tired of these scam calls.”

Scammer: *sounding upset* “What did you say?”

Me: “I said I’m tired of these scam calls. You call me three our four times a week and refuse to remove my number.”

Scammer: *outraged and yelling* “Excuse me! This is not a scam! Oh, f*** my life! This is no scam call! You listen here! Is this *confirms phone number*?”

Me: “Yes, but I don’t have any credit cards.”

Scammer: “I see a Visa and a MasterCard associated with your number. You have credit cards.”

Me: “No, I do not have any credit cards. Please remove my phone number from your call list.”

Scammer: *calmly* “Okay then, I will remove your number from our call list. But this is not a scam, remember that!”

Me: “Thank you! Have a good day!”

Scammer: “You too!”

(Here’s hoping the guy did actually remove my number and I won’t get any more calls!)

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