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(Our store sells individual unseasoned burger patties for dogs, referred to as ‘puppy patties’, at $1 each. I am working bagging orders while a supervisor is taking orders at the drive-thru. A bag with 4 puppy patties comes down the chute, but they don’t appear anywhere on the screen. However, I know a lot of people will add on last-minute items at the window, and when they do it takes longer to show up on the screen, so I ask my supervisor.)

Me: “Hey, [supervisor], do these puppy patties go in this order?”

Supervisor: *nods without looking*

Me: “This order, right here, with the [burgers]?”

Supervisor: *angrily* “YES!”

(I put them in the bag, hand it to her, and continue bagging. Halfway through bagging the next order, the puppy patties FINALLY show up on the screen… for the order I’m currently bagging. I go to my supervisor, who still has the bag in hand.)

Me: “So, you said to put them in that bag, and I did, but now they’re showing up on the other order-”

Supervisor: “Oh my god, [my name], calm down! It’s fine!”

(I go back to bagging orders. Not ten seconds later…)

Supervisor: “[my name], make sure you remember those puppy patties!”

(I turn and stare at her in complete disbelief, the only thing going through my mind being ‘Are you f****** kidding me?!?’)

Me: “I put them in that other bag-”

Supervisor: “WHAT?!? Why would you do that?!?”

Me: “I-”

Supervisor: *to kitchen supervisor* “I need 4 more puppy patties!”

Kitchen supervisor: “What happened to the other ones?!?”

Supervisor: *dripping condescension* “[my name] gave them to the wrong people!”

Kitchen supervisor: “Oh my god, [my name], pay attention!”

(I only barely managed not to retort that she should try telling that to Sandra.)