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Unfiltered | March 7, 2016

(I work as a receptionist for a family-owned car dealership. The owners rarely come to this location, and one owner, who has a unisex name, has never had her office space in my location. Despite this, many telemarketers call asking for her, and try different ploys to get her contact info. This one stands out.)

Telemarketer: Is (Unisex owner’s name) there?

Me: No, I’m sorry, can I take a message?

Telemarketer: No, that’s fine. I was just talking to him yesterday and wanted to touch base again.

Me: Well sir, if you had been talking to (Owner), you would know that (Name) is a SHE, not a he. Have a good day.

Telemarketer: (Stammers and hangs up).

A word to the wise: Never assume gender if the name is ambigious!

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