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Unfiltered | March 3, 2016

(I get a call from an unknown number, but since I’ve been applying for jobs, I answer it regardless).

Man: Hello how are you?

Me: I’m fine. …. May I ask who is calling.

Man: Yes this is a collection agency for unclaimed money. You have an unclaimed traveler’s check for thirty-five hundred dollars.

(I start thinking this is a scam but am also very confused, and decide to give him the benefit of the doubt)

Man: Have you received. our letters and phone calls about this? It is very serious.

Me: I haven’t received anything, but I don’t use traveler’s checks so I think you have the wrong number.

Man: F**K YOU! (Aggressively hangs up)

Me: (Happily walks away without having $3,500 being stolen from me).

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