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Unfiltered | February 28, 2016

This story takes place in our employee break room. There are two other people in the room besides me. There is a large television, which is turned on but no one seems to be watching it. Another employee enters the room:

Co-Worker: Is anybody watching this? *gesturing toward the TV*

Me: I’m not, but I don’t know if anyone else is.

(No one else says anything.)

Co-Worker: Are you suuuuure you’re not watching it?

Me: Yep, I’m sure!

Co-Worker: Are you suuuuure?

Me: Yes, I am! I am sure I am not watching the TV?

Co-Worker: *starts conversation with another employee in the room. During the conversation, he changes the channel on the television.*

Me: Hey! I was watching that!

Co-Worker: I hate you.