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Unfiltered | February 26, 2016

I was in a long line at a local chain store when the clerk got into an argument with the person in front of me:

Clerk: “I can only accept exact change or cards”,

Customer: “But I only have a $50!”

Clerk: “Too many of you came in today, I don’t have any change (note that the major employer in the area issued a bonus that day).

Customer: “But I haven’t deposited yet, so I only have cash”

Clerk: “Sorry, can’t help you.”

Customer: “But it’s only $3.”

Clerk: “I don’t have any singles, so I can’t help you” (No attempt to call Manager)

Customer: “Isn’t this a dollar store?”

Clerk: “They only let me keep some in my register” (again, no attempt to call Manager),

Customer: (under breath “Bi**h) “Forget it.”

Clerk (yelling after customer) “I can only keep enough in the register!”

The Manager hurries over and opens a new register. I move up in line to the arguer: “Exact change or card!” she barks.

I smile and say “card”, even though I have ten singles and two fives in my wallet. If she had said “Sorry, I can only accept…” or something like it, I would have happily given her the change, but because she treated me just like the jerk before….

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